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Pastor Manuel Pereira was an active research scientist at the Almaden Research Center (ARC) in San Jose, California. He was the co-chair and technical lead of two working groups within the Global Grid Forum (GGF), which is an international community leading grid computing in scientific research and industry. He currently holds several patents and multiple outstanding technical achievement awards and has authored several published articles and technical papers. Pastor Pereira holds two science degrees with an emphasis in applied physics. According to a sign-on agreement with the research center, he was to complete a Ph.D at Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California. Prior to the fulfillment of this agreement, Pastor Pereira resigned from the laboratory and entered the ministry as a full-time pastor while pursing graduate studies at The Master's Seminary in Los Angeles, California. Pastor Pereira has taught several creation research seminars in various states and in Mexico. He has also served as a scientific advisor for a graduate level cosmology class at The Master's Seminary, has taught advanced apologetics classes, and has served as a guest speaker for The Master's College physics class. For nearly a decade, Pastor Pereira has been involved in creation research, personally pursuing a scientific examination of creation and studying the various theories of evolution. He is currently the pastor of Trinity Bible Church in Morgan Hill, California and is joyously married with six children.

Origin of Species

This is an edited version of the original flagship work published by Charles Darwin that officially represents the treatise on his theory of natural selection. The ideas presented in this work are responsible for founding what is now known as the theory of Darwinian evolution.  Not very technical in nature, but very well written. Much of what this work lacks is owing to the limitations of scientific instrumentation and the refinement of scientific discovery. ThisLearn More

Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

This is a must read for any student interested in considering scientific objections to the theory of evolution from a secular perspective.  Written by an agnostic geneticist, this volume presents a number of very powerful challenges against the theory of Darwinian evolution.  One of the chief values of this work is that it is written from a secular perspective that is not interested in a theistic position, yet is willing to acknowledge certain implications.  InLearn More

Darwin’s Black Box

This is one of the flagship works that presented a revolutionary challenge to the theory of biochemical evolution from the analysis of a microbiologist. This volume does not argue in favor of biblical cosmology, but rather presents severe challenges to the largely unchallenged allegiance to the theory of evolution within the scientific community. Behe effectively popularized the concept of “irreducible complexity” as an argument for “intelligent design.” He persuasively argues that biochemical systems exhibit irreduciblyLearn More

Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe

This is effectively a compilation of updated and revised articles of previous works from each of the respective authors.  Clearly a concerted effort to present a multi-faceted challenge to the theory of evolution with a strong aim toward intelligent design (ID).  The authors are three of the leading ID representatives who are well qualified scientists.  The appendices of this book represents nearly half of the volume and offers new material that addresses and answers currentLearn More

Case for a Creator

In his typical style, Lee Stroble presents persuasive arguments in favor of an intelligent designer as the responsible agent behind the material universe by way of a compilation of several well articulated interviews.  The volume does touch on presuppositional considerations while effectively utilizing empirical evidences availed in modern science.  The strength of the book is found in Stroble’s lawyer style examination of evidence and the credentials of the interviewees.  Several arguments and strong counter-rebuttals toLearn More

Evolution Exposed

This is a helpful tool for dealing with the most contemporary issues related to the evolution versus creation debate.  This 304 page book is very well documented, reflecting principles of sound research and careful argumentation.  Though clearly coming from a literal biblical perspective, this volume does a fine job of defining terms, explaining otherwise complex concepts, and applying objective scientific principles to the questions at hand.  The book is quite systematic in its approach toLearn More

Refuting Evolution

This is small but capable work that presents a critique of current theories of evolution.  It is intended to provide a scholarly response to the publication put forth by the National Academy of Science (NAS) entitled Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science.  Sarfati skillfully leverages quotations presented by evolutionists and refutes their claims by arguing conservatively from science.  One of the strengths of this volume is that it capably covers a wide varietyLearn More

Refuting Evolution 2

A well written sequel to Refuting Evolution that impressively and powerfully refutes Darwinian evolutionary dogma.  The layout of this volume is systematic and crisp.  It flows logically and is very readable.  It is broken down into three units which effectively repudiate crucial strong-holds that evolutionists claim: (1) evolution is science, (2) evolution is well supported by the evidence, and (3) “problems” with evolution are illusory.  Each of these categories of discussion are handled with precisionLearn More

Defeating Darwinism by Opening Minds

A distilled version of several topics related to previous anti-Darwinian works.  This volume appeals more to socialism, moralism, and a vague mention of Christianity than science.  It includes arguments from social development and historical observations as well as from an appeal to religion.  It explicitly appeals to intelligent design (ID) and argues against modernism.  The book concludes by suggesting reconciliation between science and religion—specifically, yet very discretely: Christianity.  It should be noted that this workLearn More

Darwin on Trial

Another important work from a secular platform that challenges the theory of evolution on the basis of modern scientific evidence and careful scientific scrutiny.  Though modern science is certainly employed to pose the strongest arguments against the theory of evolution, this work is not a scientific study.  It is authored by a law professor who presents persuasive arguments and impressive research that leverages the statements of scientists and related historical documentation.  As with other “intelligentLearn More

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