Case for a Creator

In his typical style, Lee Stroble presents persuasive arguments in favor of an intelligent designer as the responsible agent behind the material universe by way of a compilation of several well articulated interviews.  The volume does touch on presuppositional considerations while effectively utilizing empirical evidences availed in modern science.  The strength of the book is found in Stroble’s lawyer style examination of evidence and the credentials of the interviewees.  Several arguments and strong counter-rebuttals to previously stated arguments are quite helpful.  The text is generally accessible and understandable to the non-technical reader, though it is not devoid of technical arguments.  The volume is clearly an argument for intelligent design (ID) and not biblical creation according to Genesis.  Scripture is not presented as the authority or first object of presupposition, however, a summary of the Case for Christ is presented in the appendix.  A helpful resource, especially regarding the most recent counter-rebuttals to ID, however, it is neither technical nor biblically based.

Strobel, Lee.  Case for a Creator.  Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 2004.

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