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sorting science from speculation


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Book Reviews

We are now posting book reviews for various works dealing with the subjects of origins, creation, and evolution. The works range from devotional to technical in nature, including examples from a completely secular analysis of scientific theories to exegetical biblical commentaries.

The annotations are intended to provide specific information regarding at least: the technical level of scientific discussion (if applicable), treatment of Genesis and the Bible in general, adherence to a literal six day creation and a young earth, and whether or not the resource is helpful and to whom it is recommended.


Seminar Resources

This post contains audio and print material that you can download from one of our recorded seminars.

The “Evolution Exposed” seminar is intentionally structured for anyone interested in the topic of creation, evolution, or origins.  The arguments presented are primarily concerned with empirical observation and scientific testing. A wealth of quotes and insights are included, which represent years of research from various qualified scientists and institutions.

This particular seminar was given in 2006 in six sessions.

Session #1 – A Review of Science (mp3)

  • Current definition of the theory of evolution
  • Background and factors of influence
  • Definition of science

Session #2 – Darwin’s Indispensable Doctrine (mp3)

  • The genesis of the theory of evolution
  • Natural selection defined
  • Natural selection in practice
  • An investigation of proposed evidences from the past

Session #3 – A Multi-disciplinary Survey (Part 1) (mp3)

  • Consulting cosmological sciences
  • Consulting earth sciences

Session #4 – A Multi-disciplinary Survey (Part 2) (mp3)

  • Consulting life sciences

Session #5 – The Queen of Science (mp3)

  • Understanding the framework from which modern science was established

Session #6 – Implications of the Theory and “The Descent of Man” (mp3)

  • Considerations from Charles Darwin’s book “The Descent of Man”
  • Sociological and philosophical implications
  • Concluding deliberations
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