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The following annotations are intended to provide specific information regarding at least: the technical level of scientific discussion (if applicable), treatment of Genesis and the Bible in general, adherence to a literal six day creation and a young earth, and whether or not the resource is helpful and to whom it is recommended.

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The Face That Demonstrates The Farce of Evolution

An introductory level book that does a good job of effectively explaining other works that are more technical in nature.  Additionally, this volume provides some useful background information and social and moral implications related to the theory of evolution.  It has a Scripture index and an epilogue that is evangelistic in appeal.  Neither technical nor biblically thorough; it may be helpful as an introductory resource. Hanegraaff, Hank.  The Face That Demonstrates The Farce of Evolution. Learn More

The Biblical Basis for Modern Science

A well written book that integrates science and faith in a literal understanding of Scripture.  Scholarly in its treatment of science when scientific evaluations or principles are expounded, however, the focus of this work is not merely scientific in nature.  In its 429 pages of content, it leverages a credible aptitude of scientific understanding and experience more for the purpose of biblically-based devotion to the triune God than for instruction or disputation.  It contains helpfulLearn More

Scientific Creationism

A very controversial work that must be evaluated in light of its publication date.  There is a timeless quality about this volume, however, there are several examples and quotations that have since been deprecated.  Some evolutionists have ridiculed certain generalizations made in the book and have castigated Morris’ efforts as mere pseudoscience.  These criticisms lack any objective substance and simply fail to demonstrate their claims.  One potential source of contention is that the book suggestsLearn More

Evolution and the Modern Christian

A very light read that briefly touches on a variety of arguments against evolution and uniformitarian assumptions from both a scientific and biblical perspective.  The majority of scientific emphasis is placed on the discipline of geology and how that relates to other disciplines such as paleontology, archeology, and even physics.  This small 68 page resource is limited in both its breadth and depth, however, may be helpful as an introductory consideration to the biblical frameworkLearn More

Science and the Bible

This is an outstanding little volume that concisely dispels much of the alleged contention between modern science and the Bible.  With only 128 pages of core material, it is a light read that argues effectively, presenting complex scientific concepts in an easy to understand distilled fashion.  Many basic and general questions are addressed within a selected variety of scientific disciplines.  One chapter is dedicated to the biblical account of the Flood, another to ancient history,Learn More

Biblical Catastrophism and Geology

This is a small 22 page pamphlet that specifically addresses the study of geology.  It opens with a discussion about uniformitarian assumptions and the argument for catastrophism over uniformitarianism.  It quickly moves into the understanding of catastrophism from a biblical framework and concludes with a consideration of implications.  This is not a technical booklet, yet may be helpful as a very concise and accessible read regarding the significance of biblical catastrophism. Morris, Henry.  Biblical CatastrophismLearn More

Why Won’t They Listen?

This book specifically addresses the impact that the teaching of evolution has had on society.  It is intended to serve as an equipping tool for evangelism and not necessarily a resource for cosmological or biblical study.  It is clearly based upon a normal literal interpretation of Scripture while occasionally appealing to pertinent scientific considerations that align with a literal understanding of the Bible.  Though mostly evidential in nature, it does appeal to a presuppositional approachLearn More

Answers to Evolution (Responses to Public School Textbooks)

This is a small pamphlet that gives 16 reasons to doubt Darwinism. The value of this colorful leaflet is largely in its accessibility to otherwise complex concepts and involved questions and answers. It is graphically appealing and concise. It includes quotes from scientists, lists errors in Darwinism, and mentions problems with science textbooks. This material only presents challenges and does not argue for a biblical perspective. There is no reference to Scripture and no appealLearn More

In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood

This is a valuable asset for any student interested in biblical cosmology. It presents well documented research in an understandable format, addressing a vast array of cosmological considerations. Arguments are framed from a scientific platform, yet the author faithfully demonstrates that objective, empirical, observational science does not contradict the teaching of Scripture but rather supports it. One major focus of the book is placed on the Flood and the author’s “Hydroplate Theory” as superior scientificLearn More

The Battle for the Beginning

Essentially a commentary dedicated to Genesis chapter 1, along with two complementary chapters on Genesis 2:1-3 and 3:1-24 respectively.  MacArthur does a fine job of specifically addressing various “alternative views” to the normal literal interpretation of Genesis 1.  Though not a scientific volume, it does include several references to scientific considerations and arguments that challenge the theory of evolution and uniformitarianism.  This volume presents a very readable, yet carefully studied exegesis of the most foundationalLearn More

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