Darwin’s Black Box

This is one of the flagship works that presented a revolutionary challenge to the theory of biochemical evolution from the analysis of a microbiologist. This volume does not argue in favor of biblical cosmology, but rather presents severe challenges to the largely unchallenged allegiance to the theory of evolution within the scientific community. Behe effectively popularized the concept of “irreducible complexity” as an argument for “intelligent design.” He persuasively argues that biochemical systems exhibit irreducibly complex features and systems that preclude the possibility of evolutionary development. The volume is fairly technical, incorporating technical data and research to support his thesis. Behe does argue against wholesale acceptance of Darwinism, however, does not dismiss the possibility of limited evolution (as in micro-evolution). This work does not address the creation of the world overtly, nor does it make any allusions to the age of the earth. It is an important work to consider for any student interested in understanding the intelligent design debate and associated challenges to the theory of evolution at the detailed scientific level.

Behe, M.  Darwin’s Black Box.  New York: Touchstone., 1996.

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