Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

This is a must read for any student interested in considering scientific objections to the theory of evolution from a secular perspective.  Written by an agnostic geneticist, this volume presents a number of very powerful challenges against the theory of Darwinian evolution.  One of the chief values of this work is that it is written from a secular perspective that is not interested in a theistic position, yet is willing to acknowledge certain implications.  In fact, Denton seems to argue for an alternative view to life’s diversity without having to look to supernatural explanations—he maintains a naturalistic presupposition.  This being said, he begins the volume by reviewing the descent of biblical conviction after the enlightenment; he entitles this opening chapter, “Genesis Rejected.”  Though some of the material is fairly technical, it is presented in an understandable fashion that should be accessible to most readers.  A recommended resource provided a careful discernment regarding Denton’s presuppositions and lack of biblical consideration.

Denton, Michael.  Evolution: A Theory in Crisis.  Bethesda, MD: Adler & Adler, 1986.

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