Evolution Exposed

This is a helpful tool for dealing with the most contemporary issues related to the evolution versus creation debate.  This 304 page book is very well documented, reflecting principles of sound research and careful argumentation.  Though clearly coming from a literal biblical perspective, this volume does a fine job of defining terms, explaining otherwise complex concepts, and applying objective scientific principles to the questions at hand.  The book is quite systematic in its approach to compare and contrast what current science textbooks state, what current scientific research reveals (“what we really know about…”), and what questions the reader should consider.  References to other helpful tools are frequently listed as well as articles of further study on most any particular field of study considered.  The book is equipped with an accessible glossary, a chapter and unit review per textbook, an index of articles, and a general topical index.  It is very readable and accessible to the non-technical reader, yet is built upon careful research.  A helpful and recommended resource for the student of cosmology interested in arguments from science that refute evolutionary dogma and demonstrate compatibility with a literal understanding of the Bible.

Patterson, Roger.  Evolution Exposed.  Second Edition. Answers in Genesis, 2007.

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