Evolution’s Fatal Fruit

This is a well written book that deals primarily with the development of Darwinian evolution and works toward its social impact as most grossly seen in the suggested relationship between Darwinian theory and Adolf Hitler’s holocaust.  Written by a former atheist and evolutionist, this volume argues against Darwinian evolution primarily on the basis of philosophical and sociological implications as already seen in history.  It does not argue from science, though the author has over 25 years experience in teaching chemistry and physics.  It does not frame arguments from Scripture, nor does it explicitly argue for biblical creation according to Genesis.  Its greatest strength may be found in its historical research and informative citations.  It is a useful resource to consider for biographical and historical detail as well as an examination of a select survey of social and philosophical implications.

DeRosa, Tom.  Evolution’s Fatal Fruit.  Fort Lauderdale, FL: Coral Ridge Ministries, 2006.

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