In Six Days

As the title suggests, this volume is a compilation of essays from fifty different highly educated and critically thinking contemporary scientists who believe that the biblical account of creation is not only scientifically tenable, it is the most reasonable explanation of origins.  The editor, John Ashton, does a fine job of demonstrating that world-class scientists, from a variety of scientific disciplines, do not find a literal understanding of the Genesis account of creation to be incompatible with the latest and most advanced body of “scientific” knowledge.  As many of the scientists argue, interpretation of the supposed “evidence” is the critical point of disagreement; it is not a matter of good science versus bad science, it is a matter of presupposition and interpretation of data.  Each of the scientists who contributed to this work believes in a literal six-day creation according to the biblical account as the historical documentation of the origin of life on earth.  This volume avails encouragement to the careful student of the Bible from highly qualified scientists.  A recommended resource that is well presented, informative, and equipping, yet not too technical.

Ashton, J, ed.  In Six Days – Why Fifty Scientists Choose To Believe In Creation.  Green Forest, AR: Master Books, Inc., 2003.

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