Refuting Evolution 2

A well written sequel to Refuting Evolution that impressively and powerfully refutes Darwinian evolutionary dogma.  The layout of this volume is systematic and crisp.  It flows logically and is very readable.  It is broken down into three units which effectively repudiate crucial strong-holds that evolutionists claim: (1) evolution is science, (2) evolution is well supported by the evidence, and (3) “problems” with evolution are illusory.  Each of these categories of discussion are handled with precision and care.  As with the previous volume, this work is very accessible (non-technical) and still quite useful for even some of the more challenging issues.  It contains a helpful appendix that demonstrates a carefully conservative approach to disputing evolution with a high view of Scripture and an evident commitment to sound science.  The author maintains a literal six day creation view as presented in Genesis.  A helpful resource that is recommended for all.

Sarfati, Jonathan.  Refuting Evolution 2.  Green Forest, AR: Master Books, Inc., 2005.

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