Refuting Evolution

This is small but capable work that presents a critique of current theories of evolution.  It is intended to provide a scholarly response to the publication put forth by the National Academy of Science (NAS) entitled Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science.  Sarfati skillfully leverages quotations presented by evolutionists and refutes their claims by arguing conservatively from science.  One of the strengths of this volume is that it capably covers a wide variety of topics in an effective yet concise manner.  It addresses the presuppositional nature of interpretation and deals with the perceived conflict or incompatibility between science and religion.  Though the vast majority of its arguments are framed from a sound scientific basis, it is not overly technical.  The author maintains a literal six day creation view as presented in Genesis.  A helpful resource that is recommended for all.

Sarfati, Jonathan. Refuting Evolution.  Green Forest, AR: Master Books, Inc., 2004.

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