Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe

This is effectively a compilation of updated and revised articles of previous works from each of the respective authors.  Clearly a concerted effort to present a multi-faceted challenge to the theory of evolution with a strong aim toward intelligent design (ID).  The authors are three of the leading ID representatives who are well qualified scientists.  The appendices of this book represents nearly half of the volume and offers new material that addresses and answers current criticism of ID.  Fairly technical in nature and most certainly not argued from a biblical perspective, this volume will not be as helpful to the average hobbyist.  The last essay in the appendix argues for interdisciplinary dialogue between science and theology via “explanatory power” approach over the traditional “rational compulsion” method.  The careful student of the Bible must be discerning and guard from a wholesale acceptance of ID and its reasoning.  ID presents very useful evidence and arguments that demonstrate scientific compatibility with a literal understanding of Scripture, however, ID also promotes an epistemic support that does not presuppose the Bible to be the inspired, inerrant, and sufficient source of knowledge for understanding reality.  A resource that may be useful to the more serious student of cosmology provided that a sound biblically-based resource is used as a compliment.

Behe Michael, William Dembski, and Stephen Meyer.  Science and Evidence for Design in the Universe.  San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press, 2000.

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