Scientific Creationism

A very controversial work that must be evaluated in light of its publication date.  There is a timeless quality about this volume, however, there are several examples and quotations that have since been deprecated.  Some evolutionists have ridiculed certain generalizations made in the book and have castigated Morris’ efforts as mere pseudoscience.  These criticisms lack any objective substance and simply fail to demonstrate their claims.  One potential source of contention is that the book suggests itself to be of utility as a science textbook, in which case it does remain wanting of format, content, and style expected in a modern science textbook.  Textbook criteria and emotionally charged criticism aside, this volume does contain a number of valuable and helpful considerations from several scientific disciplines that demonstrate an incompatibility between Darwinian evolution and empirical science while exhibiting several compelling examples of compatibility between empirical science and a literal understanding of Scripture.  Many of the arguments are framed from scientific principles and are argued apart from the Bible, particularly in the first two-thirds of the book.  It contains hundreds of quotations and citations within the scientific sections, with the latter third of the book addressing creation from Scripture.  Its balance between scientific considerations and biblical considerations is helpful to the student of biblical cosmology.  It argues for a literal six day creation only thousands of years ago and is oriented for the non-technical reader.  A useful resource recommended with the caveat that arguments should be evaluated by further investigation in more recent scientifically credible publications.

Morris, Henry. Scientific Creationism.  Green Forest, AR: Master Books, Inc., 1974, 1985, 2006.

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