The Battle for the Beginning

Essentially a commentary dedicated to Genesis chapter 1, along with two complementary chapters on Genesis 2:1-3 and 3:1-24 respectively.  MacArthur does a fine job of specifically addressing various “alternative views” to the normal literal interpretation of Genesis 1.  Though not a scientific volume, it does include several references to scientific considerations and arguments that challenge the theory of evolution and uniformitarianism.  This volume presents a very readable, yet carefully studied exegesis of the most foundational section of the Bible.  It is very helpful to the student of Scripture who is interested in a careful exposition of the biblical account of creation.  It does help to equip the reader to rebut several non-literal “theistic” positions.  It is not a technical volume and therefore does not provide any detailed scientific analysis of cosmology.  Nonetheless, a recommended resource to all.

MacArthur, John.  The Battle for the Beginning.  W Publishing Group, 2001.

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