The Biblical Basis for Modern Science

A well written book that integrates science and faith in a literal understanding of Scripture.  Scholarly in its treatment of science when scientific evaluations or principles are expounded, however, the focus of this work is not merely scientific in nature.  In its 429 pages of content, it leverages a credible aptitude of scientific understanding and experience more for the purpose of biblically-based devotion to the triune God than for instruction or disputation.  It contains helpful historical information regarding the development of modern science and how it relates to the study of the Bible.  It also contains biographical information along with an appendix listing famous scientists who believed in the Bible and a personal Creator God.  One of the values of the book is that begins every evaluation of a scientific discipline from a biblical presupposition.  Each chapter is subtitled in the format: Biblical _________.  It is not overtly technical in nature but rather quite accessible.  It is thought-provoking and devotional in nature, yet still avails concrete usefulness to the student of cosmology interested in a thoroughly biblical cosmological argument that incorporates science in its explanation.  A recommended resource, primarily for personal devotion and edification.

Morris, Henry. The Biblical Basis for Modern Science.  Green Forest, AR: Master Books, Inc., 2004.

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