The Evolution Handbook

This is a large book of 978 pages that presents a massive volume of information intended to refute Darwinian evolution and argue for a literal understanding of Genesis.  It is a polemic volume written by Seventh-day Adventist and Spirit of Prophecy author, Vance Ferrell. The book is a low-cost production containing a reported 3,000 scientific facts, along with illustrations, historical explanations, and 1,352 quotations primarily from evolutionists. It is an abridgement of a three-volume set containing 1,362 pages. The unabridged contents of the three-volume set are freely available at Some of the arguments used against Darwinian evolution include statements or arguments from evolutionists. Though the formatting is somewhat cumbersome, the content of the volume is quite accessible.  It presents concise statements and supposed facts in understandable language.  One of its strengths is its sheer quantity of quotations and citations.  Most of the arguments are based upon scientific discovery or criticism.  There are several references to Scripture that demonstrate a literal understanding of a six day creation only thousands of years ago.  It is intended for entry level students of cosmology.

It should be noted, however, that this volume has received considerable and legitimate criticism due to its lack of credibility. Some of the arguments or statements advanced in this volume are either taken out of context, outdated, or have since been retracted by the evolutionary community and should therefore be avoided. Where there is commentary, it is mostly non-technical, non-scientific, and often polemical. There are better resources available that more reliably offer current and accurate information, and that reason with the scientific data. Use of this work requires cross-referencing, double-checking, or otherwise further investigating the arguments presented.

Ferrell, Vance.  The Evolution Handbook.  Altamont, TN: Evolution Facts, Inc., 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006.

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