Thousands Not Billions

This is the distillation for laymen of the technical report of the eight year research project by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) entitled Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE).  With only 11 chapters and approximately 150 pages of core content, this volume avails important information regarding careful, scholarly research that specifically deals with the age of the earth and argues from the scientific data that the age of the earth can just as easily, if not more accurately, be interpreted in terms of thousands of years and not millions or billions as alleged by uniformitarianists.  Though this version is intended for the lay reader, it still contains some technical information.  It does not attempt to address evolutionary dogma, but rather is dedicated to the study of the age of the earth.  It presents current, advanced scientific research that exhibits a compelling case for interpreting various radioisotope dating data points in terms of a young earth.  It does dedicate a chapter to “a proper reading of Genesis 1:1-2:3,” which demonstrates its position as a six day literal understanding of creation according to a normal literal interpretation of Scripture.  A recommended resource that is helpful, especially for the intermediate to serious cosmology student.

DeYoung, Donald B.  Thousands Not Billions.  Green Forest, AR: Master Books, Inc., 2005.

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